SfL+a supports Build Better Schools Movement


Join us, let’s #BuildBetterSchools

Many of our public-school buildings in rural North Carolina are run down and outdated due to lack of funding. Child safety, well-being, and overall health can be severely affected. The Build Better Schools movement was created to provide awareness about this issue and share real life examples of proven solutions.

A lot of the problems we currently face with our public school system can by resolved by building an energy positive building through a public private partnership. Building schools that are energy positive with creative financing opportunities allows for school buildings to generate revenue from excess energy, enhance student learning, save tax payers money, and improve the environment around them.

The condition of North Carolina schools and lack of funding is a serious issue that many people aren’t aware of. We have a solution that Build Better Schools supports, and one that has proven to work. The Build Better Schools movement lives and breathes what we believe in and aim for. Join us in the fight to #BuildBetterSchools


+WINSTON-SALEM 4400 Silas Creek Parkway
Suite 200
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
P: 336.794.2325 / F: 336.768.7666
+RALEIGH 333 Fayetteville St Ste. 225
Raleigh, NC 27601
P: 919.573.6350 / F: 919.573.6355
+MYRTLE BEACH 981-C Hackler Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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+MARYLAND 6710 Oxon Hill Road, Suite 210
Oxon Hill, Maryland 20745
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