FirstFloor Horry County Schools: Student Impact

The five new energy positive FirstFloor Horry County schools (Socastee Middle School, Socastee Elementary School, St. James Intermediate School, Ten Oaks Middle School, and Myrtle Beach Middle School) were all designed strategically to make an economical and environmental impact–but one of the largest impacts they are making since opening their doors is on the students themselves. Learn more about the three main differences the Horry County schools are making here.

IMPACT 1: Day to Day Learning.

Since energy positive schools are such a new and upcoming concept, there is so much to learn for the students that the building they are in every day can do. What makes it energy positive? How does it scientifically produce more energy than it uses? Teachers can use the building and its features as an actual learning tool–like taking data on the energy it saves and creating word problems for the students to work through.

The difference it makes for students to learn core concepts using real life data that affects them every day is significant; kids get more excited when the concepts are more relevant to their lives and in turn pay more attention in class. Additionally, learning about their environment and the big picture helps them start to think in a more entrepreneurial way–taking ownership of where they are and solving problems bigger than their personal day to day tasks.

IMPACT 2: Collaboration + Teamwork.

In addition to using the school’s impact itself as a tool, the buildings are designed to foster a collaborative and teamwork-based mindset. They have flexible collaborative work spaces throughout so that teachers can provide a more customized and interactive learning experience. With more spaces to sit in a group and brainstorm, students can work with their classmates and solve problems as a team. And with such fun, colorful, and unique work spaces, working doesn’t seem like work.


IMPACT 3: Overall School Pride.

Lastly, the FirstFloor Horry County schools have already seen a difference in student involvement and overall pride. We feel that walking into a new, beautifully designed building that is crafted to make an impact on the environment (while also having so many fun features) creates a more inclusive space and improves overall behavior and performance. Additionally, the sizes of the schools allow for more students to get involved in extracurriculars, so they can be a part of representing the school and hopefully feel more proud of their community. An impact like that can make all the difference.



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